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I really love this dino, shame she’s a common and probably won’t fare well in the later arenas…


Yeah, making her a common wasn’t good planning. She was unique among Stegosaurs, in that she was the smallest, and that her neck was longer than others of her family. I would have thought she was going to be a rare, at least.

And 2 attack options? Ludia’s just teasing us at this point.


Really neat looking, but looks aren’t everything lol


It’s base set is pretty unimpressive, but I almost guarantee it’ll get a powerful hybrid down the line


I think its wierd you need 150 dna for the new rare but alot of the time you need 100 for a rare


I’m surprised they add it into the game, I’ve only heard about it on a documentary called “dinosaur revolution”


No thagomizer attack? A stegosaur without that is dead in the first couple rounds! Spikes on tail = Thagomizer. Come on, Ludia… fix this!


I don’t have one but it seems very graceful in battle (shield and regen). It seems so gentle and cute and I just want it to have a hybrid with something fierce or wounding.


I was a little disappointed at her being common.


Stego is common, and she can use Thagomizer. So why not Mira?


What a boss! the only tank that can laugh at bleeders just shield up and Regen, solid cleanse heals for the win! can’t wait till one day this thing gets a hybrid!!


Any idea where to find this dino?


I think maybe parks I have been getting quite a bit from incubators too


Miragaia is exclusive to Arena 1.


Don’t know what to do, upgrade or wait?


Just upgrade it to 5 and then wait for a hybrid.


I’m leveling mine to 15 to be on the safe side.


15 is only safer than anything over 15. 5 or nothing is safe.


I’m hoping there will be a hybrid so collecting all that I can :ok_hand:t3:


Level 1 hype