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It is so overpowered when you upgrade it. 50% health regain?! And the counter attack makes it unstoppable. Anyone agree?


If you’re still sitting on all that DNA, I’d take a chance and upgrade. I think many (maybe most) players underestimate her, but with a full strength counterattack and regeneration up to 50% of her health, she is quite capable of ruining someone’s day, especially at higher levels. Go for it! Or join my Alliance and share all that with me haha…


As much as she is the worst dinosaur in the game right now I have levelled mine to 15th in hope’s it gets a decent hybrid.


Love to play with this dino!
Level 20 now.

With the shield it can survive hit from IRex. It can take away bleeds. And swap in to make 1000 damage.

Very fun in my alternative deck!


I’ve wondered about this one too. If anyone was having good luck at higher level. I got a ton in some epic incubators so leveled to 17 and still have 15,000 DNA so could take a lot higher. Just havent decided if worth the coins. Will probably wait until after next update to decide.


Somebody was dropping down arenas recently, and I was presented with one at lv1. Was up against my Indom. Packed a surprising punch all things considered thanks to that shield!

I think any future hybrid of this dino has some serious potential.


Mine’s at 19. I just love her.


until further notice… im intrigued though so ill do some pvp with her.


Try it you’ll like it. This Dino is the pink Floyd of dinosaurs… Good components but soooo much greater than the sum of its parts.


This thing is ok until it runs into thor…


it failed for me against other lvl 26 dinos. to much of a sitting duck after it regens once


I mean it is considered one of the worst dinos for a reason lol… in the lower arena im sure it can be a pain but once you start playing against legendaries and uniques its limited moveset is crippling.


Yeah after the Regen is used it is easier to kill. But like i said it has its uses. I like to open with it. I also use it as an emergency swap in Dino. It’s good Draco rex2 bait. And if you keep rotating it you can keep using it’s Regen.

There is also no randomness to it. It gets hit it hits back it gets low on health it refers so during them long swings when stun don’t work it’s a solid Dino to use.

I will swap in a dracoceratops and have it miss the stun. I’m like damn it that time again to pay for all the times it did work. So I hit cleans and swap miragia in. Then in next match I know I should use my Draco ceratops for its speed not its swap in then when it’s close to dying witch to Mira. Cuz Mira (at my level 16) is going to do 7 some odd hundred damage from counter and a total of 1400 more or less total.