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Miragia Counter?

So I’ve been battling a lot and swinging largely between trophy counts, and a lot of the time I’m losing largely in part to overleveled Miragia taking out two dinosaurs before I can take it down. I’ve seen a lot of people suggest that you simply use a shield-crushing dinosaur against it. Unfortunately, all of the viable shield-crunching dinosaurs I have are too low level to be able to take out a level 20 Miragia in one turn, and then will die the second due to them being too slow, and have no feasible means of increasing his level as he doesn’t tend to spawn around here, and I’d need to level him multiple levels before he could be viable. The second recommendation is the Baryonyx or Tryostronix, but I run into similar issues with not having access to DNA to level the Baryonyx up to be viable against any other dinosaurs, meaning he would only be able to take out Miragia before dying, if he even got selected as one of my four dinosaurs at all. Does anybody have any recommendations as to counter this dinosaur?

Well if u have it, thoradolasaur is pretty nice. Huge damage first turn, even more second turn, and if ur worried about being too slow, use instant charge for more damage with a stun. Otherwise ur just gonna have to wait for it to waste its regenerate and bleed it the turn after. Suchotator is a good lower level option as it can bleed, nullify the shield, and use instant distract to take 1 less turn of counter damage.

Unfortunately, I’m not quite at the stage of being able to have Thoradolosaur… From what I’ve heard, Miragia doesn’t appear in the upper ranks because of how easy he is to counter with a lot of the unique dinosaurs, such as Thoradolosaur. My issue is that I’m stuck around the 2500-3000 range (largely in part to Dracoceratops and Miragia, it would seem). And I do actually have Suchotator on my team, but he’s generally too low level to be able to wait it out until they use their regeneration move before bleeding, and even if I do get a bleed off, they switch out… On top of that, I can’t level him up because I don’t live in zone four… Thank you for your ideas, though!

Let’s see your team and what you’re close to getting. That will help

Dracocera as you mentioned is an option. Do you run it?

Currently, my team consists of:

  • Level 16 Stegoceratops
  • Level 17 Indominus Rex
  • Level 17 Einiaschus
  • Level 18 Stegodeus
  • Level 15 Irritator (Subject to Change)
  • Level 15 Postimetrodon (Subject to change)
  • Level 19 Velociraptor
  • Level 17 Utasinoraptor

I swapped in the Irritator for the Suchotator due to having him be useless most times. Postimetridon is just kinda there until I get his hybrid. I don’t really have another good armor-piercer. As for Dracoceratops, I also don’t live in zone 2 (which I think is kind of a dumb wall for having access to the highest tier dinosaur), so I’ve been trying to trade for it over the past few weeks.

your irritator kinda counters miragaia. (use rtc first to avoid counter damage.)

It kinda works. Unfortunately, he dies if his critical doesn’t go off, which is only a 35% chance, so I can’t say he’s exactly reliable.

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Try Allosaurus… Massive bite, good health, 20% crit… And very easy to level…

You have Indominus Rex so that your T-Rex is at least at level 15 ?
I think it should be enough to one-hit Miragaia at this level…
Even if not, start with something that can slow Miragaia, and remember to slow it just before your dino dies (if the slow only last for 1 turn), so that Miragaia is a little bit damaged and slowed.
Then, you just pick T Rex and it should be faster than Mira now and can 1 shot it. What’s more, you now have the highest damage move to deal with whatever they are picking next.

Unfortunately over levelled dinosaurs are a problem when you have a low level team. It’s a foolish move to level miragaia past 20, all those players will regret the waste of coins and DNA sooner than later.

Suchotator can counter miragaia or at least trade deaths with it. Depending on how clever the other players are (people using miragaia tend to play awful, but not all of them do). Use nullifying impact+lethal wound. For equal level miragaia use nullifying + distract + nullifying.

If you miss high level chompers, you can also use your average chompers + dracoceratops as suggested. Suchotator and Draco are two very useful dinos that will help you with strike towers. You should add them to your team. Both are easy to obtain.

In any case miragaia will give you pain until arena 7 or so.

Just give it a shot!
Even after his SISDR,acute stun,health,speed up strike,acute stun ect…
ou can do it forever,you will heal faster than miragaia hurt you
Either,edmontoguanodon is a beast against him.
Any (mira armor) nullifying ,then (mira heal) 2* rampage stun (mira stunned),slow strike,nullifying strike again and normally,its done.Leaving you ready for your next 2* rampage the next turn.

Ok. Well even though it might mean less suchotator, u should be very glad u dont live in zone 4… everything else pretty much sucks around here, especially the epics…

Wait for 1.7,I live in Zone 4 aswell.
I stack those useless epics but the game have teach me,soon enough,anything mean to have a use.

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