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Mirt gift changes

I just noticed all the books are gone from my Mirt Daily Gifts. I was counting on a Gold exp book in my first slot today and it is gone, along with the other 2 books that used to be there

Hello @Tymoteusz_Dvorak,

The reward calendars may change from month to month, we strive to make them engaging and rewarding for players of all levels.

It’s not that the rewards are different this month from last month.

It’s that the rewards for this month included 3 books, and then AFTER the update they changed to different rewards, after we were already 5 rewards in.

Now there are no books in the Mirt Gifts at all, which is not an improvement I assure you.

It seems to have reverted back to a rewards system from a couple months ago, before the books were available.


Yeah mind doesn’t have any books either. And the first two days are locked out. I’m pretty sure I got those rewards but it’s obvious they changed it.

We are all pretty good at tracking our stuff in our guild, and as soon as I noticed and mentioned it in our chat, several people confirmed the change. I was 5 days in with a Named room ready to apply the book I was due at day 7 to pop (12hr gold book) and come update, it’s gone.

I spent 3 weeks of patience getting my hero up to lvl 17 to open the room and then waiting for a book to drop. I am well aware it was there, I was planning on it as soon as I saw it.

Can I get an official response please