Mirt’s Daily Gift reset!

Hey Myke, I’m sorry to hear that your calendar had reset. Our team is currently looking into this.

My progress started back over at the first gift too so it is not unique to Myke’s account.

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Thanks for letting me know, gpinsky1313.Our team is investigating this issue at the moment.

Mu progress changed from a 24 day (with legendary) to a 5 days crap serie.

This is extremely buggy…

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I emailed support. I have the same series as Fasdf.

Hey everyone, an update from Keith here:

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My Mirt calendar is only on day two of a 24-day cycle. Would you please reset mine and give me a free legendary and 2000 gems like people who were “bugged?” I’m feeling a bit screwed.

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same as me…Looking forward to have my gift :rofl:

I did receive the compensation, but it was about 4 epic cards and 200-300 gems. Not sure cause I didn’t look at my before and after, but it certainly wasn’t more than 500 and I certainly didn’t get a legendary.

I’m actually a little miffed still. I’m starting to get to the point where a small handful of epics don’t do much for me at all. When you need 50 for the next level, 4 is nothing. Legendary cards however are a big deal to me. That’s an instant level 5 epic and potentially a whole new ability (I’m looking at you restore items).

This is nonsense.

Some players are MAJORLY impacted by ongoing connectivity issues. While the game is virtually unplayable for such players, and the glitches prevent them from successfully competing in Legendary Events, they have not been rewarded and the developer seems reluctant to acknowledge the concern.

On the other hand, a few ‘choice’ players are MILDLY impacted by a brief glitch which has no impact on the game. Illogically, these players have been compensated with a haul of Gems and a Legendary Item.

Instead of this nonsense, logic would dictate the server connectivity issue should be corrected, the daily tracker should have been reset equally for all players, and comparable rewards should have been issued. Giving some players rewards with a value of $30 and others nothing was uncouth. Correctly treating all accounts equitably would have been easier and more logical than this fiasco.

@Ludia_Developers, This issues are your error. Please correct this by providing all players equitable compensation.

Seems like it might be based on how far away you were from your final gift and whether you have enough time left on your timer to get to your final gift. Still, the messaging is poor, and this probably could have been handled better. Frankly, resetting everyone, resetting all reset timers, and giving everyone the same very nice gift seems like it would have been the best course.

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I was affected but have not received anything. Do I need to file a separate support ticket?

It’s not fair, my daily calendar has been reset. If i don’t receive the compensation (and I didn’t so far) I would expect my count will be restored to the original position at least! Can’t make me start over from day one

Same! I now have 16 days to collect a 24 item sequence. You’ve cut me off from all the good stuff at the end!

Same problem here, cant finish te newsequence and didnt recived anything

My account has also been reset ruining my daily and frustrating me as making me consider stopping my VIP sub how do I get my account fixed so I’m back on track for my mitts legendary???

I’ve been on a day 1 gift loop for 3 days now. Hope tonight I can move on at least. Hope you’re aware of this issue as well.

Hey gpinsky1313, if you have not received anything yet, please reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can sort this out for you.


I did. Got the usual “forwarded to appropriate blah blah blah” email.

I am still waiting for compensation I was told would be mailed 2 days ago.
Starting too wonder this is getting very u fair between lopsided pvp matching and these bugs I’m getting pushed backwards and starting too reconsider my vip sub
Sorry for the tempered language