Mirth Revive Button

The button serves no purpose: it is either poor design or a cash grab. It is very easy to accidentally tap it like I did and waste 250 very precious gems. No one would purposely use that button.

We have reported that several times over the past year and a half, they haven’t changed it.
Probably because there are still people who get tricked by it here and there.

They should reduce that price.

yeah, Old Mirt is a thief in disguise, LOL

Has that been expressed lately? I don’t recall seeing it mentioned on the forums since the Gold & Glory update.

Regardless, I completely agree - that button is very dangerous. I suggest the revival cost be associated with the difficulty of the challenge/campaign area:

Sharpstone: 5 gems
Frostsilver I: 10 gems
Frostsilver II: 15 gems
Harvestsheild: 25 gems
Heartcoil: 50 gems

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My bad, it was only once, but i really though it was more… since i kept telling myself “why is this button even there”.

I do like the idea that the price is reduced and grows depending on the dungeon you’re in.

Especially with a majority of right hand players, you must reach over the larger bad button to reach the smaller one with your thumb… so raging…

It needs a are you sure button

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I too was mugged by stupid Mirt, after saving gems for weeks. I feel like just throwing the whole game into the garbage… Or spend my gems as soon as I reach 250 to avoid being mugged by Mirt.

This seriously needs fixing.

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It is useful just for finishing last dungeon first time. I needed it then. Hard if not.