Mirt's Daily Gift - Opening Bug

I believe I have discovered another glitch. After noticing the day 3 item was ready to open, i clicked on the icon. The count shows I have collected the item, however, the item did not open and the unopened lock is still shown in the top corner. I have no idea why this did not open.

Fortunately, the daily reward I missed is meaningless and the timer has started for the day 4 reward.

Has anyone else encountered and possibly found a work around for this glitch?

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I think something similar happened to me but then an hour or two later it just worked. I’ve got no gripe with free stuff but it does seem lackluster and just another thing to manage.

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Select this days gift number 18 and I didnt get it. Still locket and the next gift timer continued. This happened to someone else? Best regards Mattias

Same thing for me, day 18 gift gave nothing and moved on to day 19

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Same here. No gift received, timer started on new one. Happened to several of my guildmates too.

Day 18 for me! Claimed gift… Got nothing… Timer moved onto next day

Same here. @Ned any update on this glitch?

I also got hit with this bug

It’s probably safe to ignore this check engine light. Probably fixed itself and won’t ever happen again. Even if it keeps coming back just ignore it again and again. Wouldn’t want any players to be shocked by signs of competence out of Ludia. Might cause a few to forget about breathing. Then they’d turn blue and need a ride in that fancy vehicle with flashing lights. Sit around for days waiting on lab work. Free packs for all sounds much easier in the end.

Same thing with me on day 18

Yeah me too. It’s not like it’s a game changer tho.

Our team is looking into it, @Fizbanius. :slight_smile:

@ned just received it in mail in game

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We would like to apologize for the daily award bug. The team has already fixed this issue. The affected players will find their missing card pack in the in-game mail.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


Did not receive gift 18. Not in mail neither

Also did not receive gift upon click or in mail…after support said repaired.

Still have not recieved my day 18 gift. Nothing in my mail either.

Hi dear Support i wanted to open day 18 the counter moved to next slot but didnt receive anything plz help

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your gift. Our team is looking into this issue at the moment!

Once we have more information, we’ll be sure to let you know.

You seem to know allot from what I’ve seen of your posts, so maybe you can help?
I got my last Free gift a couple days ago and it says there won’t be anymore for 3 days… ? I thought it was a DAILY thing and would reset with a new line up when you reached the end.