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Misdirection? πŸ€”



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I think they mistakenly post Procerato silhouette first time.


Also, the new one has wings AND arms??


Let’s just hope for two EPICs from the Proceratosaurs.


I hope the same thing. Now which DNA do we need to stockpile is the question.


ALL OF THEM!! :wink:



orno and procera. it was probably just a mistake. i was really hoping for tany mix but im glad i have tons of orno too so im covered


I am sure, I already fell in love with Proceratomimus. She must be immune and has nullifier with impact running moves.

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Promimus then. So question is if it will be better than Monomimus.


Considering its an epic its doubtful… but with the right kit might be better.


ok so this was planned?


hopefully mimus will need a buff to balance them out😁


Hopefully they’ll pull a grypolyth it’ll get a unique.


Basically, monomimus little sis.


I wonder if they will give them a leg or unique kit


Far for me to be the one to say it … but:

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mehh! Might be their Graphic designer was less paid, so toke some revenge?


Most likely they had it down to these final two mashups and forgot to update everywhere?


I do take some pleasure in knowing the level 25 orni i played the other day that manage to dodge every single hit other then the one nullify i hit it with but didnt finish it. The guy may regret leveling it now.