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Misfits The Offspring and YOU!

We’re currently ranked 8th, finished the last guild event in 16 hours, and blah blah blah

What makes these guilds great is the community. We have 90% on discord and chat about not just data trackers, weapon stats databases, daily notices that MoG is starting, gear loadouts, etc, but all kinds of just shooting the

If You’re looking for a place with a LOT of community and activity please apply to the guild
“we Are The Offspring”
From there you may find yourself in we Are Misfits. Either way we use one discord and that place is hoppin’


Best of luck with your recruiting @ShoelessRob. Have to say your guild is one of the better ones I’ve seen and one of the most active. I can tell you guys put a lot of effort into the game.


Coming from the Raiders of Ravenloft that means a lot

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Most dedicated group of donaters, requesters, and Discord chatters I’ve ever been in contact with in a mobile game.

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Honestly, I really do love our discord community. Makes the game so much better. Come join us.

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Having the discord community that we have has made a HUGE difference in my game play, both PVE and PvP. The different channels avail in discord are filled with tons of info and my trophies have gone up close to 500 and counting since I joined. Definitely a good join whether you’re still learning the game or just want to have more info at your disposal to make your game play that much better! Don’t miss out, come join and check us out!!! You won’t be sorry that you did… :slight_smile:

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Ive had nothing but good experiences here. The discord chat is always hopping. Tons of great info on the game and just as many tons of just fun chatting about whatever. This is by far the most active group of people ive ever played a mobile game with

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Same opinion here. Really good guild for active players. Donations are always fulfilled. External chat is excellent.

To the moon misfits!!!

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Great place to hang or grind and be competitive. I was lucky to find this guild and excited to meet welcome new players to the team!

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I just applied. Ingame name should be Billybob89 if I’m not mistaken.

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Please apply to
we Are The Offspring
It is our training/proving grounds

No problem, but I can’t find we Are The Offsping, is there a minimum lvl?

Just got it, invite sent

Hi i like this guild cause the leader puts much effort in it…it has also helping teammates and much crucial information offered for beginners and advanced players :*

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Wow, thanks for all the support, Misfits FTW, and yes, I’m old enough to know what that REALLY means.

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we’re a very active guild, both in app and discord. finishes all guild activities and requests :smiley:

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I’ve never been in a guild before, but I think I’ve been completely spoiled by my first experience. The Misfits/Offspring guild(s) took me in as a noob and made a man out of me. I was also new to Discord, but now I find it multiplies the fun of the game. So many intelligent, observant, and helpful people in the guild they help me get the most out of my play time. Great community. Five Stars.

Noob my…

Shameless bump