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I thought 100% chance abilities weren’t affected by misfortune at least they used to be un affected… Is it intended that misfortune counters 100% chance abilities?

My Pikel gave Taunted Nayelli a death ward and opponents Coriolis used misfortune and the deathward didn’t revive. Also have had Hal with restore boots at 100% chance and Cori bot gave misfortune to whole row and My Hal moved to restore and nothing happened. Have also had Cori bots give Nayelli with max ability rare halberd that has 100% chance to give reflect damage misfortune and reflect damage doesn’t Proc…

On a related note, misfortune seems to override fortune. I’d expect them to cancel each other out, but not override.

It happened to me that I used misfortune on Joppa, then he used fortune and override misfortune.

@Blazenkks you are correct. I observed misfortune preventing Hal’s 100% chance move restore. Since the misfortune description says that a special ability is guaranteed to fail, I guess this shouldn’t have been a surprise (but it was). While one might want it balanced differently, this is working as advertised.

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