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Misleading for a chance


I know it says for a chance, but the Velociraptor is on the incubator. I wish I would have received some DNA for my purchase. Especially now that the Velociraptor is not plentiful while hunting at night. Everybody has goals to achieve, but when they don’t spawn it makes them unobtainable. Other then that the game has been a fun.image


That’s not a common velociraptor it’s Delta…


They all look alike to me!

Yes I am a dinobigot!


I had the same happen to me back when I started playing. The Carnotaurus featured in a Special Event but I only managed to get 99/100. It sat there taunting me for weeks, then I spotted an incubator in the store with a picture of a Carnotaurus on the front of it. So I bought it thinking that what was shown was one of the dinos available inside. Nope. Not one Carnotaurus DNA did I receive. So from that point on I’ve never shelled out for an incubator unless they have a guaranteed dino.


Thank you all for sharing, really just any Velo would been great, They all :eyes: the same to me in the arena. I certainly will not make that error again.


I must admit that Charlie, Delta and Echo all look alike to me at a quick glance, which is why I prefer the Pyroraptor. No mistaking that plumage! :grin:


That’s happened to me but on the Incubator with Kaprosuchus. 4 times! I was/still am furious. Raptors spawn at night if you have a chance to go out one evening it might help


Is it the Norwegian Blue? That type prefers kipping on its back…:joy:


im sorry lol, i just had the biggest laugh when i read this post and scrolled down to a picture of delta on the incubator lol. even if it has a velo face on it, you may not get that dna so buyer beware.


They should add a disclaimer saying u won’t necessarily get dna for the dino showing on the incubator.


Nah, I’ve often found them to be unreliable in battle, they’re pining for the fjords far too much to concentrate.