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So I’m making this post before I forget about all the things I’ve just learned from the Armormata fusion tournaments last week. I did about 15 tournament battles per day and basically every single one was a huge mismatch. I want to say in over 80, 90% of my matches I had to go against teams with more than double my ferocity. Here’s some tips and patterns I’ve picked up to push me to over 70% overall winrate even with the mismatches. I thought it might help some of the newer players like myself who can’t cruise through Dominator yet and eventually get walled by seemingly impossible matches that might actually not be impossible.

Before going on, keep in mind that a lot of these tips ONLY apply when you are significantly outmatched. There’s a lot of high-risk, high-reward plays that I encourage in mismatches that are stupid if you’re on even footing.

  • The 3 attack 1 block loop is a last resort, not a win condition, in case anybody didn’t know this. The odds of the AI actually obliging to loop for as long as you need it to are very small. To maximize the odds, I also recommend attacking in batches of 3 every time you hit 7 points, as the AI very likely breaks the loop if you don’t attack on that turn. Only do this when you actually have no physical way of winning otherwise.

  • Recognize gambles you have to take. Say that your lead can be 2shot by their lead. You block 1 on Turn 1. They do nothing. So what now? The safest play is to reserve 2 since you can’t guarantee survival by blocking 2. But is this actually correct? Is 5 points enough of a compensation for your lead dino dying? In my matches, it is not. I would need about 4 attack to take out their lead, leaving me with 1 left that I have to reserve because the second dino 2shots me, then my final dino would have to 1v2 with 5 points, which it can’t do. So therefore, this entire week, I blocked 2 every time I faced this scenario. If the opponent reserved 2 on Turn 1 they instantly win anyways, so I have to take the chance. Another gamble you may have to take: You’re both on your final dino and your opponent just did nothing with 4 points. Don’t even think twice. Assume it was 2 block 2 reserve and yolo it if you can take him out through 2 block. You won’t have a chance otherwise. Blocking just drags the fight into an equal-points endgame that you can’t win due to ferocity disadvantage.

  • Turn 3 is the magical turn. This is the turn when you want to reserve 3 and sack your lead dino. The reason is that the chances of your opponent having any unknown points after taking you out on Turn 3 is very small. To calculate, your opponent gets 7 total points before or on Turn 3. He used at least 1 on Turn 1, otherwise you’d be dead on Turn 2. Therefore, if he blocked or attacked at all with the remaining 6 points, he would only have 5 left on Turn 3 and if you survived this long, it’s because you can take 1 hit. If this is confusing at all then don’t bother trying to understand it. Bottom line is, block 1 -> block 2 -> reserve 3 has an extremely high chance of getting you to 7 points against 0 unknown.

  • Sacrifice action points for AI predictability if possible. Here’s a scenario. Your lead is at at 4 points and your opponent lead has 0 unknown points left, he will also be at 4 points next turn. You can be oneshot. What’s the right move? Attacking isn’t an option; it’ll take too many points to kill and the opponent will have unknown points after revenge killing. Blocking is equally bad; it doesn’t advance your progress. So the most logical answer appears to be 4 reserve. But that’s actually also wrong. The best play is actually 1 attack 3 reserve :open_mouth: . The idea behind this is that if you reserve 4, the AI doesn’t guarantee a kill and will default to 3 attack. You’ll be at 8 points and have to deal with 1 unknown point. If you go 1 attack 3 reserve, the AI has a guaranteed kill so he’ll go for all 4. You have only 7 points but no unknown points and you also got in 1 attack. It’s as if you reserved 4 but also got 1 attack’s worth of damage in and also confirmed the unknown point as a block. Always look for these types of scenarios. Sometimes it might even be correct to overkill a dino just to guarantee the AI will full attack and leave no uncertainty behind.

Hope this helps at least someone to handle nightmare matchups a little better in the future. Keep in mind that a lot of these tips are just from personal experience and assume “regular” predictable AI behavior. They might work for you, they might not work for you. Maybe your AI just reserves 2 on Turn 1 every single game and blocking 2 loses you a bunch of games, then just ignore me and reserve 2. I’m just leaving these tips here in case anyone benefits from them :slight_smile:


That last bullet point, my favorite thing to do in tournaments. The one thing I did notice though was that on the turn where the ai gets 4 action points while having 0 unknown, sometimes they decide to attack for 3 instead of 4 after you attacked for 1 and reserved for 3. It’s a very rare chance that it could happen but it has happened. Also, I have found that the ai really like attacking for 4 when you block for 3 and reserve for 1. It’s especially useful if you can survive 2 individual attack points so then you can sack after getting 6 action points, you use 3 to attack and 3 to reserve, ai knows it can kill you in 1 so it goes for 4 and you now have 7 next turn while also already having dealt damage the turn before.


well to have points you need to have a tank creature that will be the sacrifice it doesn’t need to have a high attack just a high life.

as an example therizinosaurus and kaprosuchus.

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If it takes 2 to KO you and AI had 4 moves, it will almost always (not 100%, but almost) attack 4. So you can reserve 4 and then have 8 moves with 0 unknowns. I’ve been gambling this way a lot lately and it almost always works. The are times he does nothing, but then it’s usually 2 block 2 reserve vs my 8 moves.

Edit: so you have to decide if it’s better for you to have 8 moves vs his full life or 7 vs his life minus 1 hit.

Oh, I forgot to mention this is usually when your lead can get 1 shot after taking 1 hit in turn 1. So basically turn 1, you block 1 they attack 2; turn 2, you block 2 they attack 2; turn 3, you block 3 they attack 3; turn 4, you attack 1 reserve 3, they for some reason attack for 3 instead of 4.

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These are some good points raptor, however with the 3 attack 1 block loop I have found that I will always block 4 points on defeating the opponents creature, getting to 8 reserve does not seem to break the pattern with me and it’s only if I go for more than 4 attack points that the pattern will break.

I find aswell that if this pattern does break, especially early on then it must be a different algorithm altogether, so we thought that the 3 attack 1 block pattern was in play but it was not, I have managed to easily do over 30 turns exploiting this method without the ai breaking pattern once, it usually seems to appear when I am clearly out matched from the start so that might play a part in the 3 attack 1 block algorithm from appearing.

Once you build on ferocity and depth you can start getting some easy dominator wins :facepunch:

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This is due to ai assuming you go for 2 block, which seems to be the case for most algorithms

Yes that’s true but it only happened to me at most 3 times. Usually they just attack for 4 since they know that I only have 3 action points unaccounted for and my lead can go down in 1 hit. It was something that I just wanted to mention incase it happens to others

Agreed, it is a rarity, but it does happen sometimes. I find it usually happening if there’s a good chance I’m going to win.

I was responding to your comment and being able to take 2 individual hits. If I can take a hit, I have to decide if it’s better for me to have 8 or to decrease his health a little and have 7.

Oh, I understand what you mean now. I never tried just reserving 4 with being able to survive 2 hits. I like being able to deal at least 3 points of damage and then ending up with 7 action points but I’ll try this out this week in the tournament.

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I used to do the same as you with 7 guaranteed moves, but I’ve been doing this more and more. It’s very beneficial for me since my lead guy usually has low attack and my 2nd dino usually had an advantage and very high attack. Yeah, try it and see how it goes.

Pretty sure Raptor mentioned this before, but the reason the AI starts the loop is because it assumes that you have blocked 2 points. When you try to reserve 4 while blocking 3 however, you have a total of 7 unknown points. Since you didn’t attack, the AI can deduce that you have atleast 3 block(As only 4 points can be reserved), this causes them to break the pattern and go for 3 attack, 1 reserve.

Also another thing, the loop works best on your second creature. With 2 creatures, the AI doesn’t go for risky plays because it wants to save creatures, killing one creature and being killed by the next is not good in the AI’s book. So they go for the minimum amount needed to kill you(factoring the 2 blocks) and block the rest. With a single creature on the other hand, the AI goes for risky plays that can break the loop because there isn’t another creature to take them down.

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If the AI knows you’re blocking at least 3 when you have 7 unknowns, why would it still attack 3?

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Thats the problem, even though the AI knows it still only uses 3. But this makes the loop very unstable and when you hit 7 and don’t attack they usually reserve 1. I actually tested this with half my tournament matches plus a bunch of PvP, and 90% of the time they reserve when you reserve 4

The safest move when at 7 points is to go 1-3-3, it allows you to deal damage without risking too much.

Oh and to people who wonder why the AI breaks the loop when you go for more than 4 attack, the reason is if the AI can definitely kill you they will go for the exact needed amount. If you go for say 5 attack, the AI will know you have a maximum of 3 block, so instead of continuing the loop, they will full out attack you

Bottom line is sometimes its stays in the loop, sometimes it doesn’t. I do agree however, I’ve had it break the loop more when I try and reserve 4. Again, sometimes it doesn’t though. One thing I don’t do is let his life get lower than mine. He always changes things up then (at least that’s how it seems for me).

in the PvEs loop 4 blocks and 4 attack…
the AI although know need 1 hit to kill continued 4 blocks and 4 attacks loop.

so I attacked 1 and blocked 3 and he used all 4 points as expected … I had reserved 4+ points.

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I wasnt doubting that @DinosaursRCool I was explaining the fact that there are a handful of different set algorithms for each opponent that you face.

What one opponent may do in one battle is certainly not the case for all battles. The 3 attack 1 block pattern is just another algorithm, same as the 4 defence 4 attack pattern and the 1 attack 3 reserve pattern (which rarely happens thank god)

It would be good to capture the different algorithms to be more prepared and gain more wins but that is too complex for me and not really needed once you have built the depth of creatures to secure dominator wins in the first day or so.


Also if you guys havent seen sionsiths latest video watch that.

In PvP he gets out matched but he uses a method which I’ve not tried before but would make sense in certain situations I’ve come across.

It would be hard to explain really but he attacks the opponent and disregards the extra point that the bot has, the bot reserved so it worked but even if the bot blocked he would have still been in a better position.

As I say hard to explain but would help you guys out the way he describes it

I think the best strategy is to accumulate points and make the opponent use all his points…

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