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Misplaced Frustration, maybe?

Continuing the discussion from A few words to support and developers:

I understand other players frustration but I think the root of the problem is hidden to most players. It seems as if it is the support team or the developers themselves… but the problem goes deeper. The anger and disappointment is appropriate but misplaced. Maybe I should’ve said: the problem is further up. That is: the problem is Ludia management.
I don’t know if this is the case for sure, so don’t take my word on all this as fact, I’m just taking an educated guess… now that two games have been in the process of being developed or already released since Titan Uprising, and what I know of most gaming/tech companies… I think this game’s staff have been whittled away by management assigning them onto other things. So we are lucky if there are 2-3 people still attending to this game.
I think what we should be politely asking for,is Ludia management to hire more Ludians as they make new games… so they don’t have to let a game go downhill because of a lack of people working on it. I’m sure this company has the money for it, considering how big a market microtransactions in mobile games is. That is unless Ludia spent too much money on being able to use Disney intellectual property…

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