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Miss chance

Can someone please explain how miss works in this game. In one pvp match, I had six misses total, including four in a row. It wasn’t because of pally relic or bard sword. Any ideas?

I think this is a known bug. Very annoying, I’ve seen it a few times.

Bad luck mate, it can statistically happen. Miss chance is basically 5% (1/20) like crits.

Honestly I don’t know how saves work yet I guess they’re connected to opponents’ level.

Didn’t Orloch say something about repeat misses being glitchy? If you missed once, you were highly likely to miss a second time in a row with the toon? I experience that often. The frequency of missing in general doesn’t seem off, except when level 14 toons run across unhittable lv 3 orcs…

Really seems like hero archetype disadvantage (when the thing your hitting has a red arrow overhead and not yellow or green) gets a higher miss chance and I thought I saw a vague in game pop up that said something about Archetype advantage vs disadvantage.

A few months ago I posted some observations on consecutive and repetitive misses/proc failures. I have provided the link below. Unfortunately, these streaks are not anomalies, but are instead a regular nuisance we all seem to encounter from time to time.

Miss rate increased after patch