Miss Frequency?

I was a Math major and understand that in a large enough sample size seemingly improbable results occur. But what the ??? I’ve been noticing what seems like a lot of misses since the new download. Then I just had SIX misses in one battle?!?! Maybe 3 or 4 rounds. Hope this is an extremely strange occurrence. Last thing a game should do is take away a player’s feeling of agency.


I have had some unfortunate luck over the past few days as well. My tribulations have included many consecutive misses, including at least two rounds where all four heroes failed to hit. I still consider the inordinately excessive misses to be anomalous. However, this may change if this abnormally high miss rate is sustained for a prolonged period.

When a “miss” occurs, is that a “1” roll or just a graphic of a failed roll? And is a critical hit a “20” or just in the critical hit range with the same graphic?

Quite honestly, having different graphics could actually help the image of always being cheated. If misses are always “1’s”, then tweaks need to be implemented to mitigate how many critical hits and misses occurs as actual dice don’t usually hit 1 or 20 that much.

I have not noticed anything different yet. However, I feel like I usually miss a lot more when my opponent has one hero left standing. :triumph:

I have observed unrealistic successive misses for my heroes in Special PVP events and in most Battles since I began playing. It is simply no bad luck, as guildies and members of this forum here will claim as well. Ludia should not claim results of RNG programming as it is quite strange that the “RNG” for initiative rolls NEVER results in a tie :thinking:. I could theorize that the supposed dice rolls favor the VIP subscriptions and heavy spenders in the store, but I’ll shut up now and be happy with my 5 XP per toon for being fodder for luckier players.

P. S.: This IS a Pay-to-Win game, right?

I have seen this strange occurrence over the past week with battles and silverhand trials and i truly want to believe this is absolutely bad luck…
except that it happens in every single battle and for some strange reason my opponent never misses…
huh… something must be up and it ain’t my trophy count that’s for sure.

In solo play, i had a time where my farideh missed 4 rounds trying to hit the same enemy. It was the most mind boggling thing I’ve ever seen; it was so bad I had to suspend the game and put it down for a few good hours to vent my anger.

On the subject of theories… I could theorize it may have something to do with the rarity of equipment vs your target (and possibly accounting for the rarities of their equipment too). I have a hunch that the more common items you have equipped the more likely you’ll miss your target if they have more higher rarity equipment. I know it seems far-fetched but it is just a theory.

The game wants you to spend your hard earned gems on legendaries and not freeload off the guild on using commons and rares.

Highly doubt hit rates are tied to gear quality as I only use epic and legendary to get the highest stats at the moment. I still miss frequently in all game modes. Very annoying spending 3-4 rounds attacking that same level 1 goblin to advance…