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Miss Rate? 75% Ability Rate?

So, I’m rather curious, how often does everyone miss? Every PVP game I play, my team misses a lot. And I’m 1 to 2 levels higher than my opponent. Its gotten to the point where Wizard misses every other attack, and Rogue connects with 1 or 2 hits from the 4 attacks turning her legendary weapon to a common lol… my opponent rarely misses.

It feels as if the miss rate has increase since the last update. It might be just me getting unlucky but something isn’t right. Like, if this was a dice game, I’d be rolling 1s all the time…

Another thing that’s also weird is when I do challenges the 75% trigger rate on equipment fires off a lot. In PVP it doesn’t a lot.

I’m just trying to poll the forum to see if I’ve been winning the “Miss Lottery” for the past three plus weeks.

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I seem to miss more often when my opponent has one last hero standing, and it’s Tommus! :triumph::triumph: That’s just my experience though. :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know if it was confirmation bias or not, but I noticed that when I was using Tommus’ epic weapon (75% to gain AC) that it just wouldn’t proc if I attacked immediately. However, if I waited for the red dice to appear, it would proc with about 75% of the time. It didn’t seem to matter on the counterattack.

It makes me wonder if the percentage to proc an ability relates to a hidden timing reaction mini game that we have no visual cue for. Perhaps initially implemented in the game and then found to be too OP or slow gameplay down too much? It would explain why attacking immediately always didn’t proc abilities if the mini game started out in non-proc condition.

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