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Miss rate increased after patch

General consensus amongst the players I’ve spoken to is that the miss rate during play has been adjusted significantly with the last patch.
This is prevalent against all characters not necessarily those with critical miss items in their inventory such as Nayeli’s :owl: trinket.
I personally find the algorithm too aggressive now in favour of misses. If it were against higher level players it would be understandable but the change seems across the board.
Could Devs please check and address this issue?
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Not just miss chance, but proc rate has been way off lately too. But at least now we get lots of in game pop ups reminding us what we can buy…


@Clancularius, i have also noticed an increased failure rate of procs. I have been tracking this over the past 4.5 days in PvP. Unfortunately, I only battle a few PvP bouts each day so it will take weeks before I have an adequate sample to confirm this assumption. However, early indications indicate proc rates have been exceptionally lower for me during this period,

I have also been tracking pop-ups over the past few days. WoW is now comparable to surfing the web with internet explorer 20 years ago. Please Ludia, stop harassing players with the relentless pop-ups. I would not spend on any feature advertised this way. :nauseated_face:


It;s not just in PvP. proc rates are down in PvE and challenges too.

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Thank you for the feedback, everyone! I’ll forward this to our team.

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After studying the seemingly increased miss and failed proc rate I have concluded the issue is not necessarily with the miss/failure rate itself, but it is instead with an abnormally high rate of consecutive failed attacks/procs.

The failure rate of my attacks and procs is consistent and as expected. However, my data reveals another oddity. After each miss or failed proc, the next one also commonly fails or misse. Statistically, a single miss should occur exponentially more frequently than two consecutive misses, which should occur exponentially more frequently than three or more consecutive misses.
Instead I am encountering streaks at the following rates:

9% - A single Failure; followed by a success.
8% - Two consecutive Failures; followed by a success.
2% - Three or more consecutive failures.

The frequency of these consecutive failures is outside an acceptable margin. Unfortunately, a search reveals flaws with the RNG have frequently been identified in other threads. As such, I do not anticipate this will be resolved.

Although my numbers are generally derived from PvE, a smaller sample taken from PvP indicates the issue may occur even more frequently in PvP. I suspect this is critical to PvP players.


It definitely seems like the Miss chance in PvP is also higher once you someone gets down to 1 hero. Have repeatedly seen single hero’s have back to back consecutive misses. @Orloch I commend you for your diligence of trying to track the statistics. I’m not “Mathy” enough to make statistical correlations, so this just my opinion. Seeing others track stats and post concerns at least makes me think it’s not just my bad luck and there something else going on…Still frustrated but at least we are all in the same boat…

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That the proc rates have changed and are now not accurately represented on the item description? I have noticed a huge drop in proc rates for many items since the update.

It seems like the largest drop is to extra actions from moving, with a reduction of 25 to 50% for Joppa, Naomlen, and Saarvin.

Overall proc rates seem to be down by about 25% for most, but not all, items. It has gotten to the point that i am checking to make sure i have the correct item equipped after a battle, challenge, etc.

In addition, misses and resist has gone way up. In battles, i have had effects resisted about 33% to 50% of the time lately.

If this is an intended change, the devs needs to indicate as such and adjust descriptions accordingly. if not, a fix would be nice.

Have the devs given any explanation yet? (or more likely a denial, 'we are so sorry the pesky garden gnomes of our poor programming have infected your game lately… but everything is working as intended.")


They seem about as randomly accurate as they always have to me. Would take far more time and data than I have to analyze what the actual process rates are currently on any given item.

As a software developer I can assure you, there is little financial incentive to rewrite code to adjust Global proc rates. Maybe for a few individual things, Ludia Usually points those out in update notes.

This developer has demonstrated a habit of tinkering with the mechanics. I have noticed some oddities in my post above. A few of us have also started tracking miss and proc failure rates in PvP. Early sampling indicates there may be something afoot, specifically when comparing recent proc rates of bots to human opponents. However, I admit it is far too early to ascertain with certainty as these early quantities may just be anomalies.

Top players have routinely been routing the Bots, which is evident by the win streak thread. If the data we are seeing holds true, it is possible the developer has tinkered with these rates in an effort to artificially improve the Bots.

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