Missed on time offer for arana


So after the update I was immediately put into arena #9 and when I was offered the one time offer the game glitched out I restart my phone and the offer is now gone.
I would appreciate being able to purchase this offer again sense I wasn’t given the chance to in the first place.


Hey Vantastic, I’m really sorry to hear that happened but these type of offers disappear once you leave the game and there’s not much our team can do to make that specific one reappear again. However, if you’re still having issues with the game crashing, make sure that you’re connected to a stable internet connection before launching the game and that any background apps you’re not using is closed so the game could run more smoothly.


Ned can you comment on mine to see if it’s a bug or not


Really? There is nothing that can be done about this?
What happened was I updated the app as soon as it was available.

I opened the arena and it said new creature discover and when I opened that some automated message screen covered the one time offer. (The announcement things you guys put in the game that pop up when the game is first opened) although this one waited tell in was already in the game for a few moments before popping up and ruining my chance at the one time offer.

I’ve spent more money into this game then I care to admit and I’m really hoping that there is something you can do for me other then say its unfortunate, because this error/issue is not on me. My actions did not cause the glitch.




I got that problem too. The game didn’t show the offer but it was freezing and asked if i was sure to reject that one time offer. I had no choice but to force quit the game for I couldn’t do anything with the game. I reached arena 10 when this aweful incident takes place so i missed 2 offers, didn’t i? :rage::rage::rage:


i missed the one for arena 8 because of a glitch. hard to believe that there isn’t something in the game that would allow us to spend more money on it if we wanted too. like i think in clash royale if you missed the offer, dropped an arena, then moved back up the offer would appear again. imagine how much money they’ve lost because of this :thinking:


Am I understanding this correctly? That there was a one time offer after the update? Cause if there was, I totally missed it…


I never got asked about a 1 time offer. Dont think there was one.


Yes if it put you in a new arena because of your trophy count it was suppose to ask you if you wanted to purchase a one time offer with in game cash.

Sounds like I’m not the only one that has had this exact issue and frankly I find it hard to believe they cant help us out.


Have you tried dropping in the arena that you missed and going back into it to see if you’ll get another chance?


yup. i missed arena 8. after the reset was in arena 7. when i got back the offer didn’t appear. i think i even lost on purpose back when it first happened to check, but it didn’t appear then either.


Also happened to me.
Soon after they showed I have entered arena 9, the whole game glitched.
I’ve never able to see arena 9 one time offer, even after I restarted the whole game.

So now this game is trying to prevent us from give them money.:money_mouth_face:


That sux!!! Have you contacted their support?


i have not contacted them. and from what i’ve heard this is just as, if not more effective than contacting them :wink:


Yup, Ned from support says there’s nothing they can do but I also emailed support becasue like I said before I’m not buying it there has to be something they can do for us.


Cool! Thanks both for your replies.