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Missed Opportunities


Just curious how many others have lost some great DNA opportunities because Owen just HAD to go and throw his hand in your face? Bruh, I get it. I’m moving too fast. PLEASE get your hand out of my face every 5 seconds. I told you I’m a passenger already. We’re driving 45 down a major highway. I PROMISE you, I did not pull an action movie stunt and swap into the driver seat, while STILL PLAYING, in the 3 seconds I LOOKED at a drop crate. Owen, throws up hand You’re going to drive me nuts.


I get the Owen message a lot because I often keep the app in the background so whenever I do look at it, that warning pops up everytime the game updates to my new position. “You’re going too fast.” “No, you’re just not paying attention.”

I hope Ludia put in a setting that means each time we press the passenger button, we won’t be bothered for half an hour or so. We have dinos to collect Owen, you have your dino buddy. Give us a chance to get ours.


I get that all the time I hunt off of a train that goes from one side of city to other. Missed so many epics/rares from that guy interfering!




I get it all the time when I’m cycling about town. Anything other than a slow walk seems to draw Owen out of his trailer. I wish it was press once and not get bothered by it for twenty minutes or something like that.


Definitely shows up more often after the 1.4 update.


Ok, I thought it was just me, but I definitely feel the same way. WAY more frequently.


They should have some kind of sliding bar. When you’re going to be a passenger in a vehicle or biking etc, slide the bar over to disable Owen. Haha, Player used Greater Stunning Strike on Owen. If you close the app, or manually switch it, it reverts back to normal.


I get it constantly, even when I’m sitting still. He’s cute but really annoying. I agree, there’s got to be a way to disable him, or keep him shut up for longer.