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Missing 2000 runes


So my game locked up a few days ago when I was trying to speed up breeding, 30 runes. And when I restarted the game 2000 runes were gone.
Now, I had just gotten a response from customer support about something else. So I replied back to them about that topic, and also mentioned my missing runes. It’s been a couple days and now I’m a little afraid that the problem with the runes got swallowed up by the other one, since I haven’t gotten any response regarding them.
Should I submit a different ticket through email for this? Or should I keep waiting? 2000 runes is a lot for me so I would really like to get that back. Thank you.

Hello, Stormchaser2. I’m sorry to hear about this! Once our support agent gets the chance to read your message regarding the 2000 runes problem, they will get back to you as soon as possible so kindly keep an eye out. For future reference, we encourage to submit a separate ticket for new problems for easier tracking. Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding, I know I should have sent a separate ticket but. It was 2000 runes and I was kind of surprised and upset.

Person did reply and say they’re looking into it. I really hope I get my runes back. I didn’t do anything wrong.

At what point do I panic because I was planning on using those runes to restart the event?