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Missing 24.h incubator


I won the duel and have received the 24-h incubator. One 24-h was already hatching.
Some minutes later I opened the application and the recently received 24h egg was missing.
Where is it? That is 4500$ - I consider stealing that as a serious crime :wink:


Here it is the proof with the missing incubator:

…and what is even worse… my score 4059 changed to 4026 too.


When did you receive the first 24hr incubator that is running?

A 24hr incubator only gets rewarded for every 100th incubator win. In case you received the earlier one just recently, then the second 24hr looks like a visual glitch.

eg:- I had to quit/exited during a battle and when I came back, the app showed that I won (I guess result of previous battle (with opponent’s name will be shown as OPPONENT NAME)) even though I obviously lost the previous battle, showed me the incubator temporarily in my slot. When I reloaded, the incubator was gone.
I even once received a themed incubator as reward (had just completed a themed epic strike tower) which was again a visual glitch.

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I received 24-h incubator one before - but I don’t care…I received it, what’s the problem… the game give it to me. It was not the visual glitch because when I picked it it offered me to open it but I decided to wait.
If it WAS an error-glitch than it should be fair to consider all battles I lost because the speed arrow displayed I am first, but I wasn’t. So please decide what is the game rule - is 1+1=2 or it is 1+1= what game decide.


If you received the 2nd 24hr incubator less than 100 battles since the last one then it WAS a visual glitch, and you did not deserve to receive the 24hr incubator as the game technically didn’t give it to you.

If you lost lots of battles because of the well known speed arrow glitch then that is unfortunate, but in no way does that mean you deserve to get a reward that you weren’t meant to receive in the first place.

I’m pretty certain you are active enough around here to know about the speed arrow glitch, and I’m pretty certain you are advanced enough in the game to know what dino should be faster taking into account speed reductions and levels etc. I’m also pretty certain you are just trying to use the speed arrow bug as an easy excuse to argue a case for a 24hr incubator that you didn’t actually receive, you only received a visual error.


Sure I am aware about the speed of certain creature so the speed was just the example…but where it is actually defined that 24-h is with 100h interval? o.k. experience. right… but what would happen when I pick the incubator and actually open it with green-cash ? That glitch is present all the time with the green-time incubator, but when I pick it nothing happen, this time it offered me to open it so sure I was exited.


I have known people to have a 12hr incubator before when it is not meant to be, they activated it, then later on it changed in to a 3hr incubator… why? Because it was a visual glitch. Just another of Ludias many bugs, but it is a glitch nonetheless.

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I once saw a PREMIUM incubator in my daily free slot.

It was a visual glitch, which I was not entitled to receive. I didn’t get it, nor did I imagine they would award me one if I complained.

The epic incubators come about every 3 weeks if you play daily and plan accordingly.


I receive it every ~ 2 weeks. Tx for the link - it is Metahub - but where it is the JWA “rule”?


Ludia headquarters, Montreal, Canada.

Page 3.

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ha, ha… been there with Dad few years ago but didn’t know about Ludia.


Listen buddy, we are here just to guide everyone, help understand what has happened.

If you don’t want to listen to us, go ahead! You can go raise a ticket with Ludia and follow up with them.

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I will state as someone who often goes through multiple 8 hour incubators in a day. This cycle doesnt change its always the same . You wont find sny official rule per say. But the cycle does not deviate.

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