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Missing Alliance missions

My whole alliance (SmellsLikeTeamSpirit) never received last week’s 10/10 Alliance Mission Rewards. Also, the whole alliance is unable to view this week’s Exploration and Defense Missions, which puts us in a position to not receive our normal 10/10 Alliance Mission Rewards. We have consistently been working hard to earn top rewards for several months now, week after week. We all would like to be rewarded last week’s 10/10 rewards, along with 10/10 rewards for this current week that we would have surely gotten if we could actually see our missions. Thank you.

Please edit your support key out of your post. Only send that in email to support.

How do I edit

I am also moving this to the correct forum for you… Jurassic World Alive

Thank You very much

Also, how will I find it? Will I be tagged?