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Missing Alpha Clan Boss? (Nite Lights)


I got a notification that our clans first alpha battle was available. It still shows nothing with the “come back later!” message. Others have already had three or more battles according to the forums (unless I misinterpreted).
Anyone having this issue?

No Alpha Dragon showing up

I’ve seen one on discord where alpha was a no show. No timer had been on either


Hey Esmeris, could you email our support team here at with your support key so our team can investigate? Thanks!


Im having the same issues and I’ve emailed support already as well as used the in game contact system but I haven’t received any responses and this is very frustrating. Would making a new clan fix this issue cause if so I would rather just fork over the 50 runes so my clan can get moving


Please also allow some time to get back to you. In order for us to resolve your issue as efficiently as we can, please refrain from updating your ticket!


Hello. With regards to Alpha dragons, no one in my clan has been able to see an Alpha Dragon. Upon receiving a notification that an alpha dragon has spawned, we log into the game but we do not have an alpha dragon to fight.

Are they just being killed quickly? Or is this a bug?




Our clan, Boomstick Mafia, is not having any luck with the Alpha Dragon event either. It is saying it’s unavailable right now.


My issue is that the Alpha spawns while I’m at work, so my chances of fighting are very low, which means no chance for prizes. Is the Alpha on GMT? I’m certainly not.