Missing animal report


Looks like:

Green, yellow, brown with a touch of red. Has a horn on her mode and some upp on her head. Looks cute.

Some people claimed to have seen her near gasstations.

Listens to Sinoceratops, or shortly Sino.

Have you seen her???

Please leave a message here.


mode needs to be: nose

Saw my second in two weeks today, typically spotted as we drove the other way! Luckily my very understanding wife was happy to do a u turn and park up lol

i have yet to find one of those!

nor a sino, either.

I’m jealous :expressionless::joy:

She currently resides in my backyard. Sometimes wanders a few blocks or so, but always comes home. :rofl:

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I’m not jealous anymore, I hate you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:I’ve never seen one in the wild. Would you have her stay with me for a while…:pray:

Look she just got home! :rofl:

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Took that two minutes ago. :rofl:

So. So. So. Jealous.


I have seen her 4 times from my home in last 7 days.

Last time I saw a sino was Oct 30th :sleepy: been far too long.

Last time I saw one was when they were Dino of the week, nothing from incubators either

I see them everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day.

My college is the local zone where sino should appear but I’ve seen it twice in months, no concavemator neither! Only mega e dilo but I don’t have ourano!!! So angry about this

Don 't jou think it’s a little selfish to keep her all to your self…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I try to set her free, but she just keeps finding her way back. She likes it here. The kids pet her and play with her. 🤷🤷🤷

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I have a lovely home too…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

It visits me and then I send it back to you.