Missing attacks & unhighlighted attacks I should be able to select

Check it out.

Somehow I managed to win the fight haha but still this was frustrating.

Awesome…lost this one.

This has been happening to me for months. I used to save screenshots (I have a ton) but after complaining to support multiple times I just gave up and accepted that it will happen from time to time

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Sometimes the button is missing the entire time the dinosaur is in. I would tap all over the area trying to see of maybe it was invisible but it never works

This is a really old screenshot because everything is a few levels lower but it still happens to this day

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Thanks for the additional photos of support.

My girlfriend usually has no attack icons or they are “minimized” looking above the rest of the team.

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No problem. I could post like 20 more haha

And yeah the button minimization happens a lot to me too but its not too big a deal

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I was going through my old screenshots and would like to say that this has been a problem for at least a year. This screenshot is from July 15th 2018

This one from November 5th 2018

I’m tired of the generic responses to this given by mods “make sure no other apps are running” or “try unistalling your app” None of that is the issue, the issue is Ludia doesn’t care about fixing these issues

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