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Missing Baryonyx strike event


Schedule says that for this week there should be a baryonyx strike event on Friday.the problem is that I can’t find any epic incubator tower so far.fix this

P.S. I found one my apologies.but the truth is that it’s MILES I say MILES away from me and that’s the only epic tower in my sight.unacceptable


I haven’t seen one. But at least you have confirmed that the tower exist… :relaxed:


I don’t see any either.

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Same here, zero.

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I can’t find the strike event either

Not seeing it either.
Ludia really needs to realise that people need easy access to events and strikes just now. Most of us are in lockdown and really don’t want to have to be out and about tracking around for miles!


I saw one tho i didn’t get it as it was in an area i realy didn’t wanna walk into

Or as I would say:


Ehh, Baryonyx strike was Bad enough anyway. I didn’t want it anyways.

Show me the money though!

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Not even in sight… Ludia being Ludia. “We can confirm that the tower is on the map but due to covid we have decided that you need to walk/drive miles in order to find one”. What a disaster…


I had an epic baryonyx G2 strike tower yesterday

Sorry it was an epic carno tower

Same. No epic tower today…

That’s such a sad photo—
(Please excuse myself being a railfan XD)

I drove to work that’s 24 miles away… no epic strike tower at all along the route.

You’re excused. :rofl:

Of course, I do understand the gravity of that photo. The potential energy is another matter. I can’t even begin comprehending the momentum leading up to the photo.

Was lucky enough to find 1 one the way home saw inky 2 tho, got some ovi from it nobdakota unfortanetly, it also has 10 items i got 4 commons

National lockdown and no tower for miles. Cheers ludia. Always something with you. How you’re allowed to hold the Jurassic park licence beggars belief