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Missing Baryonyx


so i was just hatched my baryonyx after evolving it. for some reason, i just got the exp points without event clicking the dinosaur. and even if i use creature glossary to locate my baryonyx, they always take me to the asset repository which is nothing there. please help me fix this, thankyou!


Some ideas to try, not saying they will work.

Put a different low level creature in to the AR (one you are not concerned with), then check the AR again for the Baryonyx.

Is you park at capacity for creatures, and is that why the Baryonyx was placed in the AR in the first place?

I can’t tell from your post up above but is the paddock out on your map for the creature but nothing is in it?


Hey there, @Adhie_Satrio, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unable to find your Baryonyx! If Sionsith’s advice doesn’t work and you’re still unable to find it, reach out to our support team at and they’ll take a closer look for you! If you can also include your support key that would really help speed up the process.


i actually have a few dinos in AR that’s why when i search the baryonyx it wasn’t there. my park capacity already hit the limit, but i have baryonyx displayed on the park that’s why it’s really weird when i search on creature glosarry it direct me to the AR.

a whole paddock was disappear. i have a similar issues with yutyrannus back then but it recovered after i restart the game.


already sent the email this morning, thanks for the support

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