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Missing Clash of Titans, 17th August (Third Messed Up CoT, In a Row)

Did anyone else get this error where the CoT just disappeared from their list of events? I just now completed the Food Pack event and it didn’t even show that my 25th event was completed, it wasn’t THERE at all.

Is this happening to all of you too?

EDIT : It reappeared, but now it’s reset my entire progress. C’mon! You’ve gotta be kidding me.


@Nonthawath_777 has this problem too…

The 3rd CoT in a row…Ludia cmon you can do better than this.

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Truly this is the THIRD time they messed it up. First Segnosaurus, Acanthostega and now this…

For me too.
First the Ankylosaurus event was missing. I finished all available events, brought my CoT to 27/28.
Then I restarted the game, now Ankylosaurus is there but CoT is gone.

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I guess I shouldn’t refresh it then. I’m still halfway due to not being a VIP.

@Tommi well, the Ankylosaurus event doesn’t appear at the precise time of the new events refresh (instead it takes some time since it’s a new round of events this week) so it takes a few minutes to load those.

But after that, Umoonsaurus went missing when I logged in after collecting my Titanoboa pack.

(Another reason why I prefer Tournaments over CoT…)

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Good Morning, Dino Trainers.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for letting us know!
We’re currently fixing this issue. :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue as well… It’s totally out of the events lineup…:pensive:

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@Daven thanks for the reply! It would be awesome if somehow we get the compensation for this as soon as possible. And it would be great if CoT was fixed, it had 3 different issues over 3 diffrerent CoTs… Megalosaurus was the last sane CoT.

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@Ned, @Daven I hope I get credit for completing the two events already this AM. I completed them before noticing that the CoT wasn’t there.

Same, I finished one event aswell after the refresh.

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Are you kidding me!!

@Ned @Daven it seems that it has reset our entire progress now, I had 24 events cleared and @Tommi had 27 but now I guess for everyone it’s showing zero.

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Something completely different happened to me:

I was around 20/28 and it unlocked for me…


And now the game isn’t letting me in… “conNectiOn tO tHe gAmE seRveR loSt”

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I would unlock it today with 4 events, but it restarted with the different count now

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Mine is back to 0/15. This is annoying but it’s no catastrophe. Even you have more than enough time left to complete all events before the CoT expires.


Looks like all of us are having :

  1. A common issue, i.e a reset CoT
  2. Different stories (Mine is reset to 0/28, yours and @RoEsmi’s is 0/15, Predator_X unlocked it altogether), etc.

Yeah, this really sucks. I would have gotten there tomorrow, and now it’s at least 4-5 days away. Ludia, please get your act together on CoT!


@Ned @Daven, when this happened with the Mosasaurus Clash of Titans back in April 2019, players were compensated with some loyalty points. That would make this bitter pill a little easier to swallow.


@Andy_wan_kenobi what about your CoT, has it reset or have you unlocked it like Predator_X did?