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Missing Clash of Titans

Other players have reported this as well, but i tought to mention it here as well. The Mosasaurus Clash of Titans has dissapeared. Did Nedry steal all the Mosasaurus embrios? Were’s a Dilo when you need one.

You’re not the only one, it’s vanished for me too. None of the events are counting towards it, and it still has until May 5th to be up? A little annoying when you’re 6 points away from unlocking it.

My apologies for stealing all the embryos, @Kiarash_Bahar. Try completely closing and relaunching the game and see if that fixes the issue. If you’re still having trouble seeing the event, our team can take a closer look if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

Update, so Clash of the Titan’s is back up. But you’re reset to 0 and you need 14 battle medals.

Same here.

Hey bro I heard u recieved the 2500 loyalty points . I didn’t receive my clash of Titan’s event also reseted . How did u receive the loyalty points ???

I checked my in-game mail.

Where it’s is the in game mailbox???

Can u send me a screen shot of the in-game mailbox???

In your game screen, there is a “news” icon. Once you tap that, a window will open. You should see a “mail” icon at the top.