Missing coin


Yesterday I had 58,000 plus coin which I had worked hard for over the last few days. When I went into the game in the evening 50,000 coin were gone. Had anyone else experienced this?


Hey there, @moreta, I’m not sure why this has happened, but our support team would be happy to take a closer look at things for you! Please reach out to them at support+forums@ludia.com, and if you can remember to include your support key you would be doing us a big favor.


I think you missclik and lvled up dino from 14 to 15 coz you lost 8k. That what i though​:thinking::thinking:


Hi Joh
How do you find your key number?


Hey moreta, your support key is found on the bottom of the loading screen when you launch the game, it is the 8 letter code that should appear near the loading bar. Your support key is also displayed in the in-game Player Profile > Settings menu on the bottom left corner.


Thanks Ned :blush: