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Missing dinosaurs

Hi, apparently my son is missing all his legendary dinosaurs and has a boatload of unexplained dna. He is really devastated and I am trying to help him figure out how and what happened. Is there a glitch going on in the game or is it more likely that one of his friends used his phone and sold them as a joke? Anyone else having this problem? Anyway to recover his missing dinosaurs? Help and/or information much appreciated!

Are you sure that this is for Jurassic World Alive and not Jurassic World the Game? You cannot sell dinosaurs in this game. Its an easy mistake to make if so. And if it is Jurassic World the Game then that would be the most likely outcome. I’ve had friends do it to me before, pretty crappy thing to do

You are right… it is the Jurassic game, not the alive version. Any chance the game has a glitch that would cause just the legendary dinosaurs to be removed (and dna to be gained?). Thanks for your input on this one.

Highly unlikely that it’s a glitch, those are some not very nice “friends”.


I’m sorry to hear that happened to your son’s game, claysparrow. If you could ask him to reach out to our support team here at with his support key, our team could take a closer look at his account to see what might have happened to his dinos.

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Thank you Ned! I just sent out the email with the support key included. I really appreciate the help and time you guys are taking on this.


Hope this works out for your son, Keep us posted


Thanks…so far no help. Jhon answered and said we should not have sold them and can’t get them back. I reiterated that my son would never have sold his legendary dinosaurs and was horrified to find them all missing. Hopefully they can track down the source of the problem – if it was a glitch or a friend’s not so funny prank. I will let you guys know how the resolution goes. :confused:


I’m sad to hear that, especially for your son.
I suggest you buy your son an ice cream and tell him that he will get all his dinosaurs back some day if he keeps playing. That’s a lousy advice but it’s all I can think of.
I’m afraid it was no glitch, I never heard someone mentioning a similar problem, and you will get no solution from Ludia.


Ok… I am sending an update because we have finally reached a resolution.
Jhon(from Ludia online help) said that it was not a glitch, but that the missing legendary dinosaurs had been sold. I requested that he supply me with the date and time that the dinosaurs were sold. He was able to do this and that helped me track exactly which of my sons friends took his phone and did this. (an interesting turn of events since the child and his parent adamantly denied the possibility of this happening and the child had even gone so far as to say that his own dinosaurs had been missing too and it was a common glitch.:confused:) I think the child’s parent is going to have him pay for a card pack to replace some of the missing dinosaurs and apologize. At least I hope this is the case. At least we know what happened… Thanks to all of you out there for your advice and support.


Not a perfect resolution, but at least a resolution