Missing/Disapearing DNA

I’ve noticed that my DNA has been strangely depleting on some of my dinosaur. Last night my Velociraptor went from about 6400 to about 4600, also lost some on my Trex. Today I went out and got enough DNA to upgrade my Stegosaurus to level 20 and now as I logged back on it went back down to under 5000 DNA. Don’t know if this is a hack or something else? I worked so hard to get them up and now it’s taking DNA?

Because you probably fused T-Rex + V-Raptor = Indominus and yeah, you are loosing the DNA for fusing. :rofl:

Stegosaurus might have been used for Stegoceratops/Stegodeus fusing.


You know what, your right. That makes sense. I did do that. Well my mistake. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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