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Missing Dna from epic incubators

I did today’s epic strike and only got 201 epic dna from it, seemed like I got an extra card of rare dna instead of epic. This isn’t the first time its happened either. A while ago I got 365 epic dna instead of 397 dna I should get. Has this happened to anyone else? 32 dna loss wasn’t too bad but losing196 is alot. Idk what to do since i don’t have screenshots of all my cards. This is all i have

did you get more than the standard 200 of the themed dino? if the game is going to give you more of it later in the inc, it will just combine it to the 200 at the beginning.


I usually get 397 of the epic and 200 dna from the dino they offer. I didn’t know it was combined