Missing dragon!

Hey, I got the cagecruncher dragon from the monthly reward and I had him in my hangar and they took it away from me! Its gone now and that’s messed up!

I had Cockatrice on my Berk and he disappeared, it took me a min to figure out which dragon went into the empty space on my Berk. It was messed up because he was on a high level for where I am at in the game.

Hey there, I’m sorry to hear that you both had a dragon seemingly disappear! Our support team would be glad to take a closer look at your accounts in order to figure out what might have happened, so reach out to them at support+forums@ludia.com. Remember to include your Support Key in the email so that they can help you faster!

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This has happened to me twice in the last year and a half. Nothing was done to correct it.( I was told I didn’t receive one of the m because of a time limit, which I was aware of and beat it by two days

This has happened to me constantly since I started playing. I’ve lost a few dozen dragons. Doesn’t matter how I got them either. However exploration gains are the most common to disappear. I didn’t actually notice it at first. But then dragons I got through using runes I PAID for or dragons I outright bought disappeared. Then I started looking at things closer. I am missing several unique dragons on top of many more. I sent a list on a ticket in game. Hoping they fix this soon. Or at least compensate me in some way. I’ve been paying the dragon rider subscription and buying things so I feel like this should be a top priority.

I’m super upset about it but still being patient as I’ve only recently sent in the ticket. I would have sent it in sooner but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something and had as much correct information as I could offer.

I’ve been a dragon rider since December. Started playing maybe a month before that. So I’m still super new to the game. Hadn’t realized it had been around as long as it has. I really hope to see improvements all around in the future. Fun game and I intend to keep playing for quite some time, assuming I get my dragons back and whatnot.

Not one dragon returned to me. Support says they can’t do anything about it. Very disappointing. Won’t be buying anything else except the dragon rider scrip. To bad for luidia since I’m an impulse buyer and often buy in game content weekly with games I enjoy. Just in the last month they’ve lost a least $100 in purchases I didn’t make because I refuse to buy packs that have dragons I’ve lost in them. Not to mention runes I’ve lost that came with purchases. (Used them to get dragons in searches and journeys that disappeared) Now my advancement has stalled because runes are slow to gain which is making this game kind of boring. Will probably lose interest in a few months and quit playing.

By the way, if you are having this issue, make sure you close out the game app when you are done playing. Ever since I started doing this the game save failures have stopped except for when the game crashes while I’m playing. Seems that if the game disconnects without being closed out properly it doesn’t usually save. Wish I had known that from the start.