Missing Element

So this is insignificant, but I did notice as I was going through some of my dragons that the newer ones, especially the most recent species, do not have a Fire Type. On the left are some older species and event dragons that do, on the right are a few of the more recent species that do not. Again, it’s insignificant, but it’s an inconsistency that you May want to address!

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I think I am misunderstanding what you are saying. The Changewing and Buffalord both have fire types, don’t they? Pufferfinch and the 1/2 star changewings are fire. The snafflefang, whispering death and snow wraith are lacking, though!

@Stormchaser2 these are recent screenshots of these specific dragons. It’s an inconsistency as they do not have Fire Types for all dragons. You can see in the screenshot that the 4th bit of info is missing in the right column that the left has. Not fire as in red, but fire as in the way they attack. The Furies have Plasma Charges, the Whispering Deaths have Rings of Fire, the Hotburple has Volcanic Burps, etc. That descriptive info is missing on the more recent species such as the Buffalords, Changewings, and Deathgrippers.

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Oh I see. Sorry for the confusion!

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