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Missing employee?

Does the tuoramoloch rep at Ludia just keep missing meetings or what?

With the recent immunities added Tuora is even more dreadfully behind its unique counterparts than ever. The counter attack is weak. No armour. No priority moves. Low damage. Doesnt counter anything I can think of that I run into in the aviary.

What the heck Ludia why is this beautiful creature so entirely useless.


Tuora needs a full rework
I would sujest keep the Speed and HP and buff its atack to 1200
Shielding strike
Instant charge
Stuning rampage
Hit and run (deals 1x damage ,swap out and heals 25% total HP)
Decelerating counter atack
And voila! Solved

Totally forgotten this last update… or last two updates… or three…


Definitely needs a buff in damage and a priority move have know idea why that move never crossed over. It took me a while to get it and I’ve had it a while now but never had it in my team because it’s so weak it’s a shame because it’s quite cool looking

It makes it easier for me to level Dioraja without worrying about what I’m missing, at least.

tuoramoloch needs 1400+ damage to be reliable.