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Missing epic strike tower - Sunday: Apatosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Tyrannosaurus and special guest — Velociraptor MAX level

Instant distract on rampage and he can survive but rex can crit with high chance…

SO T-Rex can be easily Bled + Instant Distraction… (even if ID is not on Suchotator). Procerathomimus will be able to ID/DR follow up TRex if necessary (Levels needed aren’t high). Then if you have Alankylo (16+) you can swap out against VRaptor if it comes up. Then follow up with Invincible, SS, SS, Rampage.

Apato… Euocephalus… well that is bleed territory too but based on last time there might be some swapping shenanigans at the end. Fortunately both are pretty slow.

A decent Spino is a good counter to Euoplocephalus as there is no slowing move.

Allosino fairs reasonably against Rex assuming everything goes well… Thor better obviously…

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For Apat, either 1) Tryox: RTC+FS+DSR or 2) Erlidom: Cloak+Rampage

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This one doesn’t look scary, but can be tricky.
Expecting Trex to start, then Euoplocephalos.

Am I the only one who find it scary? :sweat_smile:
I think I‘d use Spinotahsuchus or Suchotator against Apato with Bleeding; Tryko for Rexy and/or Veloci, Thor for Rexy and/or Euoplo and perhaps I‘ll take out Tryostronix lvl 21 again. Indoraptor could also be helpful; maybe even Tenontorex?
Going to be a tough one, this time I‘ll wait for other people’s experiences before I try.

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Not sure if I’d use Tryko for Trex. Are you going to take the first hit of 3282 (and pray it’s not a critical) or distract the first and take the second stronger hit of 4378? Because your not going to kill Trex with a half counter attack and a single Rampage.
I’m not sure I have the answer (probably Suchotator) I don’t think Trykosaurus is it though.

Spinota, alanky, tryko and Thor/ Indo :thinking:or team will depend on the sequence they come.

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Thinking of starting with Green chicken if Trex starts. Then thinking about bleeder or a tank and Thor for finish. Expecting Apato will come last and swapping with Velo or Euoplo.

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My tentative build is:
Sucho 20, Dimodactylus 15, Alanky 19, Trago 24.

Sucho vs Rex… Bleed and hope to survive another turn 70%.
Turn 2: Nullifying Impact (Double KO).

If Tank: Long Invince and take an attack then Dimodact swap

If Raptor: Swap in Invincibility (Alanky)
Strike vs Long Invincibility
Superiority, Superiority, Rampage

If Apato, Shielding strike (to take decelerating) then swap to Dimodac
Lethal Wound gets Apato down to <100 HP. Then Finish with Trago and then try to trago Euo if they try with him.

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Another thought.

Alanqa + Alanky can infinitely shield vs Euo for a no-hp loss win.

SI Invince, Long Invince, rinse repeat.

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There must be some miscalculation you made there. Vrap and trex have different damages but with crit its the same?

Nice pick up. I’ve fixed that now.
Although changing the numbers has meant that the moderators have decided to temporarily remove it? So it has disappeared. Should be back soon.

So the epic tower is available now. I wonder how many people will be able to beat it…

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I’m still waiting for a video or 2 to see the order in which they battle…

Had trex euplo and velo

t-rex is first for sure but after that euploc or velo comes :slight_smile: some had velo some (me as well) had euploc as the second dino


First try sequence (failed): T-Rex, eupho n apato
Second try won: eupho, apato, velo swap to trex n swap back in.

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I’d start with suchotator… bleed apato. Something immune… health tank… hmm.
Team… probably:
Mirigia. Good health, high damage.
Postdimetrodon. Immune.
Suchotator. Ya know.
Erm… a swap in bleeder? Dimorphodon?

T rex started
Suchotator bleed/id/ss
Rex dead
Velo ponce
Suchotator dead
Stegodeus thago/rampage
Velo dead.
Then continuous swapping until I killed one of them.

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Did it with:
Lvl19 sucho
Lvl19 spinotasuchus
Lvl23 stegod
Lvl21 Tryko

Turn 1:
Sucho bleed T-Rex no crit sucho left 2hp

Turn 2:
Sucho nulifying Strike T-Rex left rampage sucho died

Turn 3:
Spinota Strike T-Rex dead

Turn 4:
Velociraptor pounce spinota died

Turn 5 & 6:
Stegod s.strike then rampage Veloci dead

Turn 7 & 8:
Stegod shield then rampage.

Turn 9 & 10:
Swap Tryko for stegod instant distraction then def breaking rampage eupho dead

Hope this is helpful

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