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Missing epic strike tower - Sunday: Apatosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Tyrannosaurus and special guest — Velociraptor MAX level

Didn’t you just lose 4 dinos

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Did it only with Sucho 24 and Alanky 22. The IA kept swapping the last two dinos

Damn, you were right, Apato beat me cause he critted me twice lol, needless to say I lost…


Further proof this OP disaster needs a nerf! (Already beat the tower, so I’m safe from Apato’s revenge. lol)


apato can still come for you in your dreams :stuck_out_tongue: like a long neck Freddy Krueger :smiley:

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One, two, Apato’s coming for you…


you guys are hilarious

sorry man he came out on your first try? he didnt come out for me.

Yeah, right after I killed the Trex, I’m hesitant to retry cause I don’t wanna fight him again :worried:

you have to conquer your fear :stuck_out_tongue: if you are nervous just imagine apato naked :smiley:

picture him like the waterboy would then say “im not a needle neck, you are” then sack um!!


Ugh, Adam Sandler, most overrated actor aside from Chris Farely. Ruined SNL, they did.

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That’s okay, he plays himself in all of his movies and all of the plots are the same.

i have them all on my dvr and watch them over and over :joy:

I’m so sorry…

dont feel sorry for me bro, laughter is the best medicine.

U are right. Edited.

For me it was pretty close, but managed to win by 3-2. Played a risky tactic starting with erlidom vs rexy, but rexy hit me through my cloak, rip erlidom. then i pulled thor, which was a mistake instead of tryko, hit him once, no crit from my side and got killed by his 2x attack. 2-0 down and only tryko and stegodeus remaining on my side. tryko finished rexy, killed euo and dealt some damage to velo. after velo attacked with her pounce, i swapped to stegod took the bite and another pounce and finished velo off with thago and rampage. lucky me the ai didn’t swap to apato.