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Missing Epic Strike?

Haven’t seen it. Should have reset almost an hour ago. Anyone seen it?

Ya I did it spawned right in front my home
And also this


i see it. out of range of me. but it is there. they were supposed to replace the rare wounding strikes right? because if so i see way less of the epic one.
Out of all the stops i can see and vaguely make out, 3 are the epic strike.

There are about 50 supply drops within view of me and not a single one has the epic strike. Might have to take a late night stroll to search for it :confused:

Couple in range here

Ugh I didn’t even know until I saw this thread. I had the blue gym here.

Well it’s 1:34am cold outside and I’m driving up the street for this. Thanks @Ludia_Developers for your great idea of 12 hour swing shift of strike towers instead of using my idea of having them all day accessible in a tab under the battle menu.


The highlight was the common sarco and coins. I got 303 Darwin which I guess is alright but I don’t use any Darwin hybrids and I got the 2 uniques to 25+. Then I got dimodacytl or whatever that junk is.

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