Missing Event Scent Capsule

Hey Ludia, what is this and why hasn’t it dropped from any of the 100’s of event stops I have spun?

I’ve gotten a few of them. I have noticed that it takes awhile for them to drop. But maybe it’s problem with your account specifically? Or it could just be bad luck so far

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Bad luck on Saint Patrick’s Day… oh the irony :fearful:

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It takes ages to obtain one. But the dracorex and argentino were worth it.

I think it’s on a time thing. I got 1 on special before reset. Then after rest I got the regular drop one but I haven’t got the event drop one again. So tonight I’ll probably get 1 of the 2 again.

I’m assuming this thing is bugged , and doesn’t work as intended? @Ludia_Developers @Ned


Ive had more spins after reaching the cap , and nothing😂

They’re definitely obtainable. I’ve gotten three so far, one from normal supply drops yesterday and as well as from both today. They’re just rare and very annoying to obtain from drops…

Annoying because the drops back out before you can spin :rage:

I had the same bad luck in the last event I spun around 150 and didn’t get one