Missing Giant Pass Skins!

I paid even for the MEGA PREMIUM PASS, and i did not get the 4 Skins the Skin Site in Collection tells me i will get in the Giant Pass?!

Where is my Tarbognathus Traitor Skin?!
Where is my Compsoraptor Trespass Skin?!
Where is my Allodrigues Envy Skin?!
Where is my Alloraptor Wroth Skin?!

You think this is okay and funny to tell us we will get them in Giant Pass and then we don’t get them in Giant Pass?!

It was a wording error:


Happy birthday @Punished_Tabris

I don’t care if its a Bug or wording Error or what ever, it says i get the Skins in the Giant Pass and i don’t got them, and in the News Link you postet it don’t even say anything about the Traitor und Trespass Skins, i am a Flock only Player and i wanted especially the Traitor, Trespass and Envy Skins.

They arent for this pass, it is a mistake and the skins will come in the future

This is not a small Indie Team, this is Ludia with one of the biggest Franchise in the World, they want every Month 55 Euro! for VIP and the Pass, this is a fullprice Game every Month! and i want correct Information or what the Game tell me i will get for my 45 Euro every Month.

Well, I can say I’d expect 2 skins each pass if you’re paying. I expect Wrath & Envy would be in one pass, and Traitor & Trespass in another. I read that it was implied somewhere that the Indotaurus skin will be sold separately, not as part of a pass.

You expected just 2 Skins? But we got so much less in the MEGA PREMIUM PASS as last Month for the exact same price. No 150 Apex DNA especially.