Missing Green VIP Events!

I am really annoyed at the disappearance of the 3 Green VIP Event spots that have been around my home ever since I started playing…I am genuinely Registered Disabled but do get out 2/3 times a week and in warmer weather more so and as I don’t get out as much I was pleased to find I could pay for VIP subscription and that there was 3 in close proximity to my home…I live in a small town in the south of the UK so not overly populated with many Green VIP Events but enough for me to of been satisfied since I started playing in July. Well today after I had caught the last of the 6 weekend Epics I didn’t check the new normal spawns until around 5pm, I didn’t see any of the Green Vip event and as I was busy with dinner didn’t think much about it…I checked a short while ago before going to sleep to realize that the 3 that are always around me are just not there!! Instead many Battle Events in a small 500yrd radius!! Wth!! I will give it until tomorrow when some of the Battle Events finish and if the Green VIP Events don’t reappear then I will be canceling my subscription! Please don’t lecture me and say why am I playing a game such as this which involves going out because I have managed up until now with the Green Event VIP’s around me and going out the 2/3 times a week to date! I have played Pokemon for 2yrs and know where all the local PokeStops are and visit those at the same time and have enjoyed playing both games…but JWA may just be about to be deleted!! I have posted 2 SS I took of tonight and 2 of last week where there has always been 3 Green Event VIP! ! !

I just wanna say that yesterday was the 1st time I did not manage to collect all my coins from those vanishing green stops. I think I only collected half of my limit but I did collect a lot of darts though. Every 2nd or 3rd green stop gives me nothing else but those 44 darts. Sigh. The $10 didn’t turn up either. Double sigh.

Wait, the Green Stops were never VIP, and the stops periodically cycle though the events. There is a one hour gap between when an event finishes and when the next one appears, maybe you logged in during that gap. Then again, I didn’t see any this morning, so maybe this is just a glitch.