Missing Info in Book of Dragons

There is a flaw in the book of dragons because in regards to Iron there is missing information. A huge factor when one is collecting Iron is being able to save up the resources, and the amounts of resources that they need to collect iron is vastly different, which creates a huge factor when trying to collect Iron. How can we truly know the worth of a dragon unless we see how many resources it takes to get the Iron listed. Take my Rattling Smokebreath for example, the Halloween special, it is useless when it comes to fishing or chopping wood, but it only takes 100,000,000 fish to send him off for that around 2hr trip he takes to get 125 Iron, though he is only at level 124. My other guys mostly take between 450,000,000 and 500,000,000 fish or wood to go out, with varying time frames and amounts, but that is a huge difference. So are there some dragons that are good to raise simply because the amount it takes them to collect Iron? Unless one has the time and capacity to raise every single dragon, one likes to concentrate on the dragons that are better at fishing and chopping wood, so unless that information is available we are potentially loosing that drangon’s potential and our ability to understand the game better.


That’s what the RoB wiki is for. But as you’ve pointed out, it takes time & patience to level up each dragon, much more so to actually input the data in the wiki, which is why there are some dragons with incomplete info, especially for the newer dragons.

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