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Missing purchase issue

I recently made a purchase and have not received it. I visited the FAQ pages and I emailed support 4 days ago. I included my 8 digit support code and a copy of my emailed receipt just like it said I was supposed to do. After receiving the auto reply “Thank You for contacting us,” email I have heard nothing. Emailing on a Friday afternoon I was okay not hearing back Friday or the weekend but it is now Tuesday and I still am waiting. I also have other issues I would like to discuss concerning the inability to link to Facebook and back up my information. I would greatly appreciate anybody contacting me.

Hey James_Wallington, could you send me a private message of your support key? I would be happy to check on this for you.

In the meantime, could you see if there might be an email reply in your junk/spam box? It’s possible that the message could have ended up in there.

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I have got the same issue with purchase but they didn’t solve my problem at all, so it’s futile to ask for help if they don’t want to help. And you know its already 3 weeks past from the day I asked for help.

This issue was resolved in my case. It did take 8 days but I finally received the purchase in game. I received a couple of emails saying they were investigating. I also received an email saying the had reviewed the matter and that the purchase was being restored to my account. So thank you for following up and resolving this for me.


It’s been almost 2 weeks since I first wrote them!
Every time we renew the whole game messes up and we have to contact support. It’s really aggravating when u pay for a game and it’s messed up for long periods of time, missing out on a lot of resources , rues, etc. The game keeps telling us to renew before time and turns off riders too.
I do understand they r busy and all that but they need to hire more people.

It’s fixed! Thank you!

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Sorry it took a while to have this resolved, thanks for your patience and for reaching out to us Marti!

Wellllll…I got back on a couple hours after this and the whole game is bonkers…:laughing:. Seriously…HELP again when u can!

Hello. I just made a purchase and I haven t received it. The item is Iggy ,unique dragon. Please let me know what we can do to fix this problem. Thank you

Hey there Matei, please contact our support team so they can assist you with your purchase issue at, and make sure to include your support key as well. Thank you for your patience and for reaching out to us!