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Missing quests and locked creature

Hi there…two-parter here…

At some point do the quests just stop? I am currently making my way to 95, and I completed the quest where you have to collect 20 million coins from Isla Sorna. After I completed it no more quests are available. Did I reach the end and have to wait for future updates?

Doedicurus…is this ever going to come back around for an unlock battle? I have unlocked other dinos multiple times over at this point but I have never seen this one. It is only a super rare so I do not know why it has never come back to be unlocked.

So Episode 55, Part 8: Treasure to Behold (collect 20,000,000 Coins from Isla Sorna) is currently the final Story Mission. Potentially, new Missions could be added later.

As for unlock Doedicurus (or any other creature not in the weekly rotation), Ludia will offer an unlock exactly when the feel like it. It is very frustrating to newer players who still need some of those unlocks


Newer players??! I’ve been playing for a year and a half and STILL am missing not just one, but THREE of the SR aquatics (along with Woolly Mammoth). So those newer players, don’t be surprised if it’s a very long haul to get them all.


I forgot the difference in our play time is just enough for me to get all of the unlocks and for you to miss a few

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Yeah, and not much of a difference either.

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