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Missing Rare Scent Strike

Another weekend, another case for the JWA X-Files.
Let’s hope our Mulder and Scully can investigate it… @Ned @E.D

The truth is out there.


X-Files theme plays


What about last time’s missing events? Weren’t we supposed to get 600 HC or something? I didn’t get anything.

I’m guessing they just hope people forget. I didn’t even bother sending a ticket. What’s the point.

Didn’t find it yesterday and today can’t find as well

I’ve seen one. Guess they’re “super hard to find” like last weeks. :roll_eyes:

Don’t know how they have so many issues making stuff more widely available.

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I felt that I covered a good amount of ground to today and I never found the rare scent. :pensive: Should I be sending in another ticket?

I got the rare scent in my circle after the reset at 10pm

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I never saw the rare scent strike and I drove around both days.

The evening towers show up for me at 7pm Pacific Coast Time and I thought that maybe the tower would show up then. I looked for it (I was looking for the epic deer at the time), but I never found it. :pensive: Found the deer though. :grinning::deer:

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@QueenRexy I’m not sure why they can’t the incubators right??? Seems like people missed them… I would email …awesome getting the deer tho :deer:

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@Phil that is unfortunate I hope they fix this soon… :sweat:

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I never really ever had problems finding all my towers until they did this stupid 12 hour switch thing. I wish they’d just implement my suggestion and make a towers tab on the battle menu so we can all access them.


I’ll inform our team. Thanks, everyone!

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Thanks, Ned.
I waited to send a ticket until the reset, but there wasn’t any change and no scent strike.