Missing rarities in rigs

Here’s a list of rigs that don’t have some rarities and what species they should have

Elephants : missing raritiy common, unique
Potential species : mastodon (aka mammut americanum), Ambelodon

Ground sloths : missing rarity epic
Potential species : Megatherium, Glossotherium, Lestodon

Armadillos : missing rarity epic
Potential species : Panochtus

Pterosaurs pteranodon type : missing rarity common, unique
Potential species : tapejara, Tropeognathus, Geosternbergia

Entelodonts : missing rarity epic, unique
Potential species : Daeodon (aka dinohyus)

Terror birds : missing raritiy epic
Potential species : titanis, gastornis

Turtles : missing raritiy common
Potential species : megalochelys

Avian dinosaurs : missing rarity common, legendary, unique and epic
Potential species : sinornithosaurus, rahornavis, anchiornis and microraptor

Land crocodiles : missing ratity epic, unique
Potential species : Prestosuchus, Arizonasaurus, saurosuchus

Big cats : missing rarity common
Potential species : Thylacosmilus, homotherium, Megatheron

Deers : missing rarity common, legendary
Potential species : Synthetoceras

Birds of prey : missing rarity common
Potential species : Teratornis

Tiny theropods : missing rarity common and legendary
Potential species : segisaurus

Tower sauropods : missing rarity common
Potential species : camarasaurus, jobaria, cedarosaurus

Oviraptorids : missing rarity common, unique
Potential species : anzu, Chirostenotes

Gliding lizards : missing rarity rare, epic and unique
Potential species : sharovipteryx, icarosaurus

Snakes : missing rarity common
Potential species : Wonambi, gigantophis

The potential species are just animals i would choose to fill the rarity gap in some rigs. Some could be transferred from jurassic world the game but that doesn’t mean they have to be the rarity shown in here. I added uniques and legendaries because some rigs are also lacking those
I didn’t wrote apexes because all rigs will eventually get 1 apex

Edit : some of them have hybrids in their missing rarities but this is just for non hybrid creatures


You may forgot Velosrhacos?


I mean for non hybrid creatures


Understanded :slight_smile:

I’ve added legendary and unique just because we will probably have them later and they need them as well


Okay! Palaeoloxodon can fit mammoth rig right? Even it was so much bigger…

A common Oviraptorid could be Citipati

Yes but i wouldn’t make him comon since he is rivaling paraceratherium in the title biggest mammal. He should be epic or rare for me


Yep but Citipati deserves a higher rarity than comon


Champsosaurus would be a great addition to this game

Yep. But i want the rigs that are lacking in some rarities to be expanded


It could use the croc rig (I know it isn’t a croc but still)


For oviraptorids, Shuvuuia, or maybe for a Galli rig

Shuvuuua would be a better candidate for compy rig because it’s so small.