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Missing rewards after opening Lv 4 Alpha Chest- No fish no runes and (possibly) no scales

Good afternoon, the title says it all. I just opened my Lv 4 alpha chest this morning and was both quite shocked and upset to see that the second I opened it that I didn’t receive any of the fish or runes! As in, nothing showed or added up at the top of the screen. It isn’t even there! Restarted the game twice, and nothing. 120,000 fish, 100 runes, and 7 alpha battle energy partly down the drain. I say partly because I am still unsure on whether or not I actually ended up getting the scales and I did get the two 3 star dragons. Nonetheless, it’s very, very disappointing to see 100 runes and 120,000 fish, a pretty substantial quantity, go to waste. I rarely come out up top in my clan for damage, so the keys and chests are quite precious to me on the game. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, or if Ludia is going to do anything about it. I’d really appreciate some help If not, at least other individuals are now aware of the problem I had, should it ever happen to anyone else.

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I only had problems in a story Alpha battle, and support gave me the premium card was supposed to get but not any of the other rewards. Since the other rewards weren’t anything I couldn’t replace, I was sort of happy with the outcome, but in your case, those rewards are all very important, invaluable. Have you mailed Ludia’s team yet about this?

You dont get 120k fish

I wouldn’t know, I have yet to defeat a 1* Alpha as it is.

Hey DarkDragon, could you email our team here at with your support key? Our support team would be happy to take a closer look at your account and assist you.

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Hello @Ned, thanks a ton! I just opened my lv 5 chest and the same thing happened again. Pardon me for the error in my original post for the fish, looks like I thought there was another zero in there. I’ll shoot an email now.