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Missing rewards for deafet second stage boss

Hi i have problem whit missing prizes for killing second alpha in story Mode. Hes hp showed - 2000 life points and still i was Able to enter fight. When i entered fight again the aplication bugged and i had to close it. When i started aplication again the boss was defeat and i got none pruze for killing it

Younwill.pass given a little time. Contact support, they will give you the premium token, but for some reason they will not give the exp, fish and coin you would have received sans glitch

Yeah, happened with me on 3rd story Alpha. I had to wait days for them to answer my ticket, and since it was a week with loads of annoying bugs, I had sent quite a few of them, and then they gave me the premium card without giving me anything else, but I figured this was good enough & it unbugged my story map…