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Missing Rhino

Not sure about everyone else but woolly rhino has gone extinct again. Not seen one in days.

Every other spawn last week was the pig but where’s the apple sauce!!!

I’ve assembled the worlds greatest detectives and even they’ve come up with nothing.

If you have any information that can lead to the capture of woolly please let me know :wink:


Just run around a lot, I’ve found 3 just chlling

I have found 2 so far, one from a giga and the other on the wild

Found 2 right by each other the other night and found 1 at my house on the first day or so.

Found 4 or 5 myself

I only got one. I even saved an epic scent from last week hoping to get one…

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Found 2 only

Wait rhino was out lol I haven’t gotten a single one

I’ve found at least 1-2 every day so far. I think I’m up to about 11 or 12 total. Got them in giga scents, found them while traveling around. I’m working full time (at home) so not excessively searching either.

Edit: Just got my 3rd for today.

I’ve had 1 this week. Annoyingly I missed one when going back to the game after posting this :joy:. Clicked it but it did the rubberband thing and then missed it.

Really poor show of them this week.

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